Generating evidence of what works to reduce health inequalities through collaborative research

The Centre for Healthy Empowered Communities:
turning viable ideas into successful projects

There is growing awareness that community wellbeing is something for which the NHS does not have sole responsibility. Consequently, research and development funding is increasingly seeking evidence of partnership and collaboration between statutory services, the third sector, the private sector and academia.
The Centre for Healthy Empowered Communities acts as a hub for these sectors, and via collaborative projects is ideally placed to provide an evidence base and solutions to support wellbeing, prevent ill-health and help address health inequalities.

Established in the late 1990s as an independent, not-for-profit organisation, our speciality is supporting research and development projects for the health and social care sectors with the ultimate aim of achieving better health outcomes.

As a convenor of different organisations including the NHS, local government, third sector organisations, SMEs and universities, we focus on finding co-created solutions to specific issues, which together with our expert project delivery skills, creates dynamic partnerships.

What makes us special?

The Centre for Healthy Empowered Communities:

– exists to benefit patients and communities across Kent and Medway;

– establishes and leads multi-agency partnerships that undertake research to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities,

– furthers the development of understanding, knowledge and practical expertise of the health and social care sector, leading to system change and service improvements.

We have an excellent track record in partnership development (finding appropriate partners from a range of sectors to collaborate on health and social care projects, building the project consortium), bid development, bid writing, budget planning, project facilitation and management, reporting and project closure. 

Through this in-depth work, we have developed a unique and profound understanding of how health and social care systems operate in the UK and how innovation can be practically transferred and implemented between regions.

Our experience and expertise can benefit organisations across the country so any health and wellbeing, social care or educational organisation – whether statutory or voluntary – is welcome to contact us

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